Miv Photography David Mulholland was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and raised in the Ottawa Valley town of Arnprior. He now lives in Ottawa.

Mulholland began his writing career as an advertising copywriter in private radio. He went on to work as a researcher, story editor and interviewer for CBC Public Affairs television, a general-assignment reporter and music reviewer for the Ottawa Citizen, a syndicated country-music columnist, a part-time stand-up comic with Yuk Yuk's, and a speech writer for a number of departments in the federal government.

During those years, Mulholland wrote fiction when time permitted. In the spring of 2001, he began devoting full-time to writing a novel. The result is McNab, published in October 2006. DUEL, his second novel of dramatized history, was published in October 2009. Chaudière Falls, published in November 2016, is his third. In the Shadow of the Assassin, published in 2023, his fourth. He is now working on a book of short stories based upon characters in the Ottawa Valley.




Professional Chronology:

October 1963 to February 1969: advertising copywriter, CKOY Radio (News 1310), Ottawa

February 1969 to January 1973: freelance television journalist, CBC Ottawa

January 1973 to June 1978: reporter and entertainment writer, Ottawa Citizen

July 1976 to March 1985: syndicated country music columnist

February 1982 to August 2001: contract speech writer, Government of Canada

November 1988 to November 1995: part-time stand-up comic, Yuk Yuk's, Ottawa

May 2001 to March 2006: wrote the novel, McNab, published in October 2006

June 2006 to June 2009: wrote the novel, DUEL, published in October 2009

February 2009 to June 2009: researched my next novel of dramatized history

June 2009 to December 2016: wrote Chaudière Falls, published in November 2016

In the Shadow of the Assassin published in November 2023






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