DUEL - a novel of dramatized history

"David claims the account is real, and he doesn't sway from the concept. The book is chock full of little tidbits of historical facts . . . History, love, lust, intrigue - this book has it all. The momentum builds to the very end . . .
- the Humm - monthly arts & entertainment tabloid

I highly recommend DUEL as a compelling work of historical fiction. Readers will gain an appreciation for the complexity of history, and how it is interpreted.
- Write Field Services (complete review in Amazines.com under the Links tab)

"In addition to being an entertaining read, the book pulls on the event and the time period to breathe life into its characters. It gives familiar names in history a narrative voice, while also giving the reader a glimpse of life in Upper Canada, and Perth, in the early 1800s."
- Perth Courier (complete article under the Links tab)

"Fact, or not, it's an interesting peek at the political and social realities of the time through the lens of love, jealousy and greed."
- Ottawa Citizen

"DUEL forces all of us to ponder the cost of honor. Mulholland provides an excellent novel with a significantly picturesque drama in which to explore that potential loss."
- Book Reader's Heaven (complete review in Amazon.com under the Links tab)















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