Forget about your boring high school history! McNab portrays the lives of real 19th century immigrants struggling with personal, political and social challenges in the young British colony. Entrusted with the settlement of a township in 1825, Chief Archibald McNab brings crofters (farmers) over from the Highlands. He tells them he owns the land, and imposes the Scottish feudal system. Led by Donald Cameron, McNab depicts the settlers’ sixteen-year fight against the tyranny of their Chief.

Before emigrating, families suffer extreme hardship and brutality during the Highland Clearances. In Albany County, New York, settlers deal with life under a similar feudal system. And there’s romance! McNab’s piper, Malcolm Kenneth MacGregor, has a turbulent relationship with Colleen O’Malley, an Irish lass who challenges his beliefs about marriage and women. Her passionate independence takes his heart on a wild ride!














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