McNab - a novel of dramatized history

“Mr. Mulholland said that historical fiction serves a purpose in giving a reader a broader understanding of why events happened like they did. Historical fiction is dramatized history presented through characters, whereas historians interpret historical facts.”
- Stittsville News (re my presentation, How Historical Fiction Complements the Historical Record.)

“I would recommend McNab to anyone who loves a good yarn. Mulholland has crafted a gripping story. His style draws the reader into both the time and place of McNab, and into the hearts of the settlers.”
- the Humm (monthly arts & entertainment tabloid)

“He (Mulholland) points to the enduring legacy of the McNabs, not only in the Ottawa Valley, but across the country. The book takes the reader on a journey into the actual period, looking at history through the eyes of those who lived it.”
- Arnprior Chronicle-Guide

“A colourful yarn about a colourful character.”
- Ontario Historical Society

“David Mulholland has produced a dramatic narrative based on painstaking research. The tension between Chief McNab and his settlers is very well depicted.”
- St. Andrew’s Society of Ottawa

“The novel tells how the settlers struggled for 16 years to free themselves from Chief McNab’s control. The book reproduces several actual documents of the day.”
- Ottawa Sun

“The novel delves into the psyche and lifestyle of the time.”
- Renfrew Weekender

“David Mulholland has produced a great novel, and has truly achieved his goal in giving us a good read.”
- The Celtic Connection (a tabloid dedicated to all things Celtic)

“Mulholland captures the essence of the settlers, and tells their story in such a way that it feels like you are there.”
- Carleton Place Canadian

“McNab’s piper’s account of life in the first person gives depth and character to the narrative voice. For anyone, anywhere - not just in the Ottawa Valley - McNab is an enjoyable read.”
- West Carleton Review Weekender

“I found the story of MacGregor, the piper, quite gripping.”
- J. C. Macnab of Macnab (current Chief of Clan Macnab)

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